Crawford Woundcare Range

Crawford Healthcare offers a range of advanced woundcare solutions designed to manage and absorb exudate, protect and reduce maceration in addition to a range of silicone pressure ulcer prevention pads. As a company, we are dedicated to developing innovative products for the care and repair of skin, and have worked closely with healthcare professionals for more than 15 years.

KerraMax Care
Super-absorbent dressing with a unique wicking layer and absorptive polymers that absorb and retain high levels of exudate


5-layer foam dressing ideal for skin protection and wound care, available in non-adhesive or with a soft-silicone border


KerraCel Ag
Gelling Fiber Silver Dressing that uses the combination of an enhanced CMC dressing and the advanced silver technology – Ag Oxysalts™ – to create the ultimate wound healing environment


KerraLite Cool
Soothing, debriding, and moisturizing dressing designed for lightly exuding wounds


100% CMC primary dressing designed for low to heavy exuding wounds

KerraContact Ag
Silver dressing infused with Ag Oxysalts™ this is up to 6 times more powerful than standard silver

A range of pressure reducing pads designed to help protect at-risk skin

Crawford Skincare Range

Touchless Care®’s patented spray-on line of products allows for easy application and removal to increase efficacy and patient compliance. Designed with advanced concentrated formulas to optimize the therapeutic effect and maintain moisture balance


Touchless Care Zinc Oxide Spray
For Weepy and Denuded Skin


Touchless Care Clear Protectant Spray
For Everyday Protection


Touchless Care Antifungal Spray
For Anti-fungal Care