KerraContactTM Ag3+ is a silver dressing for chronic and acute wounds that utilizes Ag Oxysalts™ Technology. Ag Oxysalts (Ag3+) is a unique type of silver that is up to 6 times more powerful than Ag1+ while at the same time being gentle on patients and your budget.1




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The Technology

Powerful and Fast Ag Oxysalts Technology1

Silver is only effective at killing bacteria when it is in an ionic state, due to missing electrons. The more electrons that are missing, the more positively charged the silver becomes – increasing its ability to disrupt the normal function of the bacteria.1

KerraContact Ag with Ag3+ Oxysalts Technology is designed with 3 missing electrons (Ag3+) to make it up to 6 times more powerful at killing bacteria. Other silver dressings are only missing 1 electron (Ag+1) making their silver less effective.1

The Benefits

FAST & POWERFUL: Kills 99.999% (5 log reduction) of bacteria2

POWERFUL: Kills a broad spectrum of bacteria, including Superbugs, for up to 7 days.2

Organisms tested to date:

• *A. baumannii
• *K. pneumoniawith NDM-1 (CRE)
• *K. pneumonia with KPC (CRE)
• *P. aeruginosa with Vim-2
• E. coli
• P. aeruginosa
• K. pneumonia
• S. maltophilia

• *vancomycin resistantE. faecalis (VREA)
• C. striatum
• E. faecalis
• E. faecalis VRE
• S. epidermidis
• S. aureus

• C. albicans
• A. niger

FAST: Starts to kill bacteria within 30 minutes2

POWERFUL: Destroys Biofilms and Prevents Reformation3

Biofilm exists in 60% of all chronic wounds and it’s a primary cause of delayed wound healing.4,5 KerraContact Ag3+ disrupts and breaks down biofilm, exposing bacteria to be killed. In an in vitro study, mature biofilms of multi-drug resistant aeruginosa were cultured from a wound and placed on a nutrient agar and treated with KerraContact Ag3+, Aquacel® Ag Extra and Acticoat 7 for four hours. The results showed that KerraContact Ag3+ killed a significantly greater number of bacteria (up to p<= 0.0001) within a mature biofilm.

Additional Benefits

  • Flexible, non-adherent, high-density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Can be applied wet or dry, and cut-to shape to fit any wound size or cavities
  • Compatible with other secondary dressings, such as KerraFoam and KerraMax Care dressings, if further absorption is required.
  • All layers are coated with Ag Oxysalts Technology


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