100% carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) dressing

KerraCel is a 100% carboxymethyl cellulose primary dressing for low to heavily exuding wounds. Its efficient design enables more absorbency with the ability to retain its integrity when pulled from a wound.




Product & Ordering Info

The Technology

KerraCel dressings are designed to:

  • Contour to the wound bed to minimize dead space where bacteria can live*,1
  • Lock in exudate*,2 to protect pre-wound skin from maceration
  • Form a soothing gel when wet
  • Sequester harmful components found in exudate*,1
  • Help maintain a moist healing environment
  • Be removed from the wound bed in one piece

The Benefits

KerraCel absorbs more and shrinks less than AQUACEL® Extra

KerraCel shrinks less than AQUACEL® Extra™, allowing you to utilize more of the dressing on the the wound surface.*,2

KerraCel micro-contours to the wound bed better than AQUACEL® ExtraTM *,1


1. An assessment of the intimate wound contact properties of KerraCel. CHC R223. Data on fi le, Crawford Healthcare Inc.
2. In vitro tests to analyze KerraCel and AQUACEL Extra. CHC R189. Data on fi le, Crawford Healthcare Inc.


To order our product:

  • Contact your medical supply distributor
  • Call 855-522-2211 (Monday thru Friday 9:00AM – 6:00PM / Saturday 9:00AM – 12:00PM)
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