Stop messing around with traditional zinc from everyday protection to weepy & denuded skin – Touchless Care has you covered

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The Benefits


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The Touchless Care Difference:

Touchless Care products are designed with advanced concentration formulas that optimize the therapeutic effect1, and help maintain moisture balance2. These formulations allow for the convenience of a sprayable, no-rub delivery for easy application and removal, helping to reduce pain.

Microfine Zinc Oxide

  • Has a greater surface area to increase therapeutic activity1
  • Smaller particles fit into skin crevices
  • Create a translucent coating that enables skin inspection without product removal

Silicone Mixture

  • Creates a breathable, waterproof coating on the skin2
  • Helps bond Microfine Zinc Oxide to the skin
  • Lubricates the skin to help reduce friction against bed sheets

The Benefits

Easy Application & Removal Helps Increase Compliance

No-rub application reduces irritation and painful skin contact for patients
Removes easily with one wipe
Helps preserve patient and caregiver dignity

Spray Application Reduces the Risk for Cross Contamination

Significant value to Clinicians and Facilities

  • Thin layer allows for less product use per application4
    Fast application and removal saves nursing time and hassle
    Reduces waste on application


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